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If you live in Jersey City, NJ, these groups meet EVERY SINGLE TUESDAY ON THE CITY HALL STEPS.

Hey Jersey City people,

I know we all want to continue to do "the work" in regards to ending police brutality, systemic racism, white supremacy, and abolishing the 13th amendment once and for all--whew! That's a lot of work! But trust me, it's worth it.

That's why I couldn't NOT share this valuable resource handed out at Tuesday rally, which offers you, as an individual citizen, next steps in continuing the good fight:
They even offer ideas for scripts, but remember that templates for emails get flagged as scam and never get read. That means you'll have to actually put in some work. Take some ideas, but also, make it personal so it gets read. 
Look how easy they made it for you! I, personally, will finish writing to EACH council person in Jersey City tonight, however, feel free to email the one designated to YOUR ward. Don't know which Ward you're in? I got you! Go to this website, and scroll all the way to the bottom for the council people names. There will be a link to the right of their names titled WARD MAP. Here you will find where YOU live and your Ward. Write to or call your council person IMMEDIATELY, and then hold them accountable if you don't get a response. Call them out on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook--whatever social media pages they have so it gets their attention.
I am now going to share what I wrote in MY letter for ideas. Remember to change it up so that it doesn't get read as template-spam. Our goal is to be heard!


My name is [YOUR NAME HERE], and I am a Jersey City resident in Ward [YOUR WARD LETTER HERE]. I also work as a teacher in Jersey City.

I am writing today to express some changes I want to see in our beloved town. First, and foremost, I ask that we cut the JCPD’s 111 million dollar budget by 25% and allocate those funds to community services which benefit our neediest communities first. I especially want to see funds allocated to schools increase. Too many times, my students cannot receive much needed services because there is no money. This is unacceptable!

Additionally, I ask that we enstate a hiring freeze for JCPD, and that this department withdraws from the 1033 program, because there is no reason local police should have access to military equipment.

I also ask that we create a diverse (racially, economically, socially, generationally) civilian review committee in charge of allocating funds to community services, composed of committed Jersey City residents who work locally.

The current national unrest highlights the change we need to see—the change we will no longer wait for. I assume you’ve campaigned for this position to bring about positive change for our city, so I anticipate your response and proactive plans for our community.



As you can see, I kept my letter short and to the point, but I made it personal. You may not be teacher in JC, but maybe you're a parent, or a nurse, or counselor, etc. Use your unique perspective to get heard.

There! That's it, your next step, and it's easy! Get it done. 




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