Adult Dress-Up

Two of my favorite past times growing up were playing dress up and "fashion show," which basically entailed styling outfits and modeling them for my parents. I may have even given myself a character. Incredibly chic woman. Bohemian girl. Pinup doll. Rainbow sweetie. You get the idea...

And in those moments, I wasn't just playing, I was. Jeans and T-Shirt Bianca is nothing like skip-through-a-meadow Bianca in her flow-y dress. And punk, flatform wearing Bianca would scoff at prim and preppy Bianca. Not to sound nuts, but I'd adopt these characters for the day based on whatever it was I felt like wearing in the morning.

And to be honest, I still do this. When I tried on this red, gingham frock in the Old Navy dressing room, I was--first of all--shocked that a seemingly frumpy gown could look this good on me. Clothes like these work best on taller, slimmer, non-curvy bodies, but here I am, totally pulling it off. And an off-the-shoulder dress no less?? Color me impressed. When the shock and delight wore off, I immediately began styling and character building. What would off-the-shoulder, gingham dress wearing Bianca do in this outfit?

Take a drive around the countryside. Have a picnic in the park. Bicycle ride around town (even though I can't ride a bike). Go for a museum stroll. Shop for ingredients at the farmer's market (because she's making something amazing later for guests). Walk on the beach barefoot. Tie a scarf around her hair and don some seriously stunning retro-inspired sunglasses.

Siiigh...the list goes on and on.

What did I actually do in this outfit? I visited my favorite shop, Eyes Gallery, in Philly. This place, man! I can't say enough about it. If you're ever in the area, check it out. It is overwhelmingly beautiful. I also browsed Retrospect Vintage, a really cool thrift spot also on South St, picked up a book for my brother in the Wooden Shoe bookstore, ate some delicious banana strawberry pudding at The Sweet Life Bakeshop. I hit up Reading Terminal Market for some cheese steaks at Carmen's and cookies from the Famous 4th Street Cookie Company.

And, okay, even though I didn't do any of the things I did in my fantasy role playing, I still felt fabulous and in character, and I had a great time in a city I love.

Hat- Apt 9
Glasses- Bonlook
Scarf- Old Navy
Dress- Old Navy
Sandals- Old Navy
Bag- TJ Maxx
If you're like me, let me know about the character behind your outfit today.

Until next time.




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