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Self-Love: Body Edition

This month alone, I've heard three of my girlfriends complain about their weight gain or parts of their body they are finding hard to love at the moment. They were really harsh on themselves and their extra poundage, but all I could see was how beautiful each of them were. Hopefully, my friends don't read this and think, "I am never telling Bianca anything again," because I'm lucky they trust me with their insecurities, and I'm equally glad to steer them away from their negative self-talk with the praise and love they deserve. Mind you, these are just my friends who are vocal about their discontent. How many others struggle silently? I do get it; quarantine has most of eating our feelings, and we're trying to get comfortable in our new-ish bodies and finding it difficult. Clothes don't fit like they used to, double chins are prominent as is leg cellulite. We're changing, and it's drilled into us that fat is not cute (which is not true

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