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The Ambivalent Puerto Rican

I've actually tried to write this post a few times, but I've lacked the courage to publish it for awhile. This is because I'm writing candidly about my life experience as a New York born Puerto Rican, and I'm worried I'll offend some of you, but I've tried my best to avoid just this. I apologize in advance if my thoughts are hard to follow or not fleshed out fully.

I'm Puerto Rican on both sides of my family with some Cuban mixed in there. I've never been ashamed to admit this, although at times, it falls like a dirty word on the ears of strangers. "I'm Puerto Rican," I'd say. "Oh..." is the usual response, accompanied with a disinterested silence. Not exotic enough, I guess; there are many of us stateside after all. But our rich history and culture isn't really acknowledged here. Yes, we have our own parade, but big whoop! As a Puerto Rican, I've never felt special or respected in regards to culture at all. It could b…

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