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Amsterdam Itinerary for 3 Days!

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to share our Amsterdam itinerary with you. I'll give you all the details on everything we did with the 3 full days we had there, including places we ate and specific tours we booked. Enjoy! Day 1: Book a Canal Tour: If you follow me on Instagram (hello!), you'll know that our flight from London to Amsterdam was cancelled, and so we arrived with just 6 minutes to spare to our first excursion--a canal tour of Amsterdam! We booked with Viator; exact link here . I cannot recommend a canal tour enough--especially for your first thing to do early on in your trip. Some tips we received in our research were to book a tour that was in an open-boat and which could carry no more than 20 people. Walking around Amsterdam, you'll see huge canal cruises full of people all closed in. We were so glad we listened, because this tour was intimate and perfect! You get to learn a bit about Amsterdam's history and architecture (which I won't spoil here but

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