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To My Students

It's come to my attention that some of you have stumbled upon this blog of mine. So if you're reading this, and you are one of my students, 4th or 5th grade, this letter is addressed to you.

Yes, you.

Essentially...I wanted to let you know that you have made my year so fulfilling and so special. Really.

A few of you know about my history at other schools, because I've shared it with you. There was a place where I couldn't develop good teacher-student relationships with my class, because they had many other issues that needed attention. These issues made it harder, not just for me to love and be there for them, but to teach them anything at all! It was a situation that had nothing to do with class management or even the children themselves, but wider problems in the school and district. Funding, changes in administration, teacher turnover, lack of consequences or parental involvement are just some of those things.

For a long while though, I thought teaching may not be f…

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