Two, Easy DIY Headbands!

Hey you beautiful people!

As the title of this post states, I have two super easy DIY headband ideas for you!

Like many others who are dealing with quarantine boredom, I decided I was going to do something with all the inspirational posts in my saved folder on Instagram and tap into my crafty side by making my very own headbands. I am so excited about how they came out! Watch the video first, then review the rest of the post for info and links!

Let's get into it:

The first headband is a rainbow Pom-Pom headband.

What you'll need:
  1. Quality, plain headbands. I ordered mine from Amazon and got 8 pieces for $9. Click here for the link.
  2. I also order the Pom-Pom makers from Amazon, and they came with some yarn. I used the smallest Pom-Pom maker and 7 of the yarn colors to form a rainbow. Click here for the link.
  3. You'll also need this Youtube tutorial on how to use the Pom-Pom makers to actually make the Pom-Poms, because the instructions that come with the package are a little hard to follow. Click here for the link to the video.
  4. Lastly, you'll need a glue gun and extra glue sticks. Mine is from Michael's and cost under $7, but they have even cheaper options if you can believe it. Click here for them. Here's an Amazon option just in case Michael's isn't shipping yet.

Ta-Da! The finished product!
Ready to celebrate Dia de los Muertos with this look!

The second, and last, headband is a simple flower crown-type headband.
  1. Again, quality, plain headbands.
  2. Fake flowers. I got mine from Dollar Tree for $1. Click here for a sample of what I mean. Unfortunately, you can only buy in bulk at their website, so if you can get your hands on some at their physical location, you'll save lots. They are open during quarantine, because they're considered essential, but remember to wear face masks and socially distance yourself from others if you do make a trip.
  3. Your trusty hot glue gun! That's it! This one is too easy!

The final product!

Okay, girl... Go get your Frida Kahlo on!
 And that's it! Get crafting! These are literally so quick to do, and because I already had the low-cost resources to begin with, it was a super affordable project too!

Did you love this tutorial? What should I do next? Leave suggestions in the comments!

Until next time!




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