Fourteen Days of Valentine Accessories For All Year Round!

Hey all!

This is a Valentine's Day Countdown, starting February 1st and updated daily (until Valentine's Day), featuring Valentine's accessories which can actually be worn all year round (depending on the season for some of these...). That's right--not just during February! And the best part? Everything I'll post is $25 or less!

Are you ready? Of course you are; that's why you're here! Okay, so look: I'll post one new accessory on my Instagram stories from February 1st to the 14th (and here, obviously), and then I'll link everything for your purchasing pleasure in this blog post. So, be sure to check back daily for the accessory of the day!

Let's get started!

  • February 1st: LOVE earrings from Target's SUGARFIX by BaubleBar line
    • Yes, February is the month of love, but love is and should continue to be celebrated all year round! Agreed?


  • February 2nd: A red bow so presh, you'll think you're a Disney princess. This charming bow is from Forever21 and comes in pink and black too! Also, PS: You're never too old to wear a bow, so don't even come for me...


  • February 3rd: You've seen them all over the internet and maybe IRL too...I present to you: HEART SUNGLASSES! I remember seeing these around and thinking they were so cute but probably a little out of my budget (like from or something), but no! Amazon sells them is so many colors and they're just under $10! I bought them in red and white, but I may have to order one in pink as well...

  • February 4th: Okay, these humongous rhinestone, heart-shaped hoops from Forever21 are to die! Something about a hoop this big makes me feel very Latina, so I loved them instantly, and you will too! You're welcome.
  • February 5th: Okay, okay! I'm actually super excited about this one! I didn't think I would be, so here me out: I was on the look out for a belt I could wear with my dresses, and voila! I got four for the price of one! This Amazon store has this deal where you get four belts for just $19! That's right: for just $19, you get one black, red, tan, and gold belt.


  • February 6th: Ugh, I'm so peeved! There's no link for the Dollar Spot socks at Target, but I've seen them all month long every time I drop in (I go to Target a lot if you must know, and it's okay...I know you do too...). I WILL, however, link similar socks for you, but if you can, drop by your local Target and get these before they're gone, because they're literally one dollar, and I've already worn them multiple times in non-Valentine related outfits.

Similar socks link:
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Similar socks link:

  • February 7th: Now, I'd been searching for THE perfect heart-shaped bag, and I didn't want it to be too expensive either. A simple Google search, and voila! Enter Forever21! Now, there are two reasons I think you'l absolutely love this purchase other than its obvious cuteness: 1) It comes in two colors--red and black, and 2) it can be a hand-held purse or a crossbody! I guess I could add a third reason because it's really too good to be true...ready? It's under $25! If I were you, I'd order it up--quick!

  • February 8th: A classic, red beret! Now, because this is such a staple, you'll find loads of options online and in stores. Mine is from Target, but I'll link an even more affordable option from Amazon, here: click me!

  • February 9th: Again, I'm sure you've seen these everywhere...headbands have made a huge comeback thanks to Gossip Girl (let's be real) and recent trends. You may have seen the knotted pearl versions everywhere, and I. Am. Here. For. Them! Seriously, they elevate a basic look to one that says, "Hey, I made an effort." You feel me? There are so many versions on Amazon and in, like, every store ever right now, so I could share a bunch of links on where to find them, but Amazon gives you the best deal and offers PRIME shipping, sooooo yeah...

  • February 11th: OMG, this is THE ka-yoo-test umbrella I've ever owned. It brings a little whimsy and extra cheer to a rainy day. You can find it on Walmart here for just under $25 (click this link), but Aliexpress has it for much less, and being that the quality is just okay, I'd rather order from them and wait a bit longer for it to arrive by mail. Click here for the Aliexpress price!

  • February 11: Are you in need of some cherry-red tights, friend? Well, look no further! These are from Amazon, so they're super affordable, but even better than that--they're great quality. I've worn them in a couple of V-Day shots already, and I'm pretty sure I could come up with endless outfit combos using them. Check the link for some other fabulous colors by clicking here.

    • February 12: A super classic, super chic signet ring. It's my dream to own a legit signet ring with my initial, but I'll settle for this little cutie until then. Y'all, did you know that signet rings were predominantly worn by men? These dudes used their rings to seal letters with wax and everyone knew who it was from, because their signet was one of a kind and could not be copied! Imagine your family crest or monogrammed initials pressing into some freshly melted wax! IDK about you, but wax-sealed letters are romantic in a literary kind of way. So much effort! So much aesthetic! Okay, I'll stop now.

    • February 13th: Y'all, I've spent years HATING heart shaped jewelry. Novelty heart shaped stuff was fine, but serious heart shaped jewelry--I just found it so...tacky? That said, I was surprised I fell in love in with this adorably dainty heart bead necklace. It also comes in silver, if that's your thing. It's less than $5 and the perfect gateway piece if you, like me, also hate serious heart-shaped jewelry. You're welcome.

    • February 14th: OMG! We reached the last day! Yay! Okay, peeps--I've got the best V-Day accessory for you, and it's one you can pick up in a pinch. Like, even today! They are...*drum roll*...imPress nails! Yup, press on nails! My bestie actually introduced them to me; she said the quality was pretty good and that they lasted awhile. I was spending so much on gel manicures every two weeks that this seemed like a very good/ budget friendly option, and so far, they are living up to the hype. So if you haven't gotten your nails done yet and want to get into a festive V-Day mood, go and pick up a set of imPress nails ASAP. They have different colors, nail shapes, and designs, so go crazy!


    Well, that's it! That's the end of my Fourteen Days of Valentine Accessories for all year 'round! I thank you for checking in every day, and I hope you enjoyed this kind of content. I certainly did!

    Did you have a favorite day/ accessory? Tell me which one in the comments!

    Until next time!




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