Decorating an Apartment for Christmas

My husband and I live in a one-bedroom apartment in Jersey City. When we first moved in, we were told that we could paint, but only if the owner approved of the color.

I'd always dreamed of my first apartment, and if you took a look at my saved pins on Pinterest, you'd get why I was disappointed at this news (I had so many painting the inside of my apartment door bright yellow or pink or spray painting all of my wooden dining chairs a different color...).

I knew not to go crazy on an apartment I didn't own, but my idea of crazy is pretty subjective. I grew up with a very crafty and creative mom. Our idea of a great weekend was antiquing, going to flea markets, and pulling boring furniture from a trash pile on a sidewalk and giving it a makeover no one could fathom. I always see the potential of a piece before I write it off, which my husband just loves. Just in case you didn't catch it, I'm totally being sarcastic! His style is more modern. He hates that I love adopting old furniture, but I've been able to influence his views on that a bit. I'll tell you about it later in this post...

Wait, where was I? Right: I see the potential of a piece before writing it off, and that's what I decided to do when I approached the task of decorating my apartment. I kept it colorful and eclectic for the most part, making up for the boring beige walls (y'all should see my couch), and it's filled with all the things I love, so I've made my peace with my creativity being momentarily stifled.

When the holidays approached, I faced a similar challenge when it came to decorating. Remember my mom? If you visited her home for Christmas, you'd think you were in the North Pole. For one thing, there's a Christmas tree in nearly every room of the house. That's right, in both living rooms, and the dining room, and bedrooms aren't excluded. Her tree nearly touches the high ceilings, and the fireplace is adorned with festive linens, holiday sculptures, garlands, and the cutest stocking holders all fitting in with that year's theme. Come to think of it, maybe I should just post her Christmas decor...

Anyway, I knew I couldn't do it up like she does every year. I did mention
we lived in a one bedroom apartment, right? There just isn't a lot of space for a tall tree, and I don't have a fireplace. I also have to think about what happens with all the decorations once the holidays have passed. I don't have a basement to tuck all my decorations away, just a tiny hall closet that holds most of our (mine) coats and summer clothes. So I fit in what I could, and the result is this post. I hope you enjoy the little things I did to get into the Christmas spirit.

Countdown to Christmas from Target. Shouldn't this door be pink? I digress...

My $20 tree from Family Dollar is the most stylish twenty dollar tree you've ever seen, I know. The box says it's 6 feet, but it's as tall as me, so I don't know.

The gorgeous ribbon on the tree is from TJ Maxx/ Homegoods. See how I made up for not painting? I purchased some stripe and triangle decals from WallsNeedLove. They gave our space a much needed makeover. They're removable and probably reusable if I wash them with soap...Will have to research...

Just a close up on some of my favorite ornaments, also from Target.

 I cute are the decals, right? Merry Christmas sign and tablecloth is also from Target. I just love Target, ok!?

This is how I make up for not having a fire place. Youtube is your friend. The reindeer were given to me by my mom, and I painted them white. The stockings are from, you guessed it, Target, as are the simple gold stocking holders that are magnetized if you wanted to add some decoration on top. I also make sure to showcase my Christmas records around the holidays. Please excuse the Xbox controllers, we don't know where else to put them...

(Oh yeah! Remember when I said I was able to convince my husband not all ugly furniture is bad? This "TV stand" was one of them. It was a brown entry way table with gold hardware at my parent's camper in MA, and when they sold it, they had to get rid of a lot of furniture. Hubby did not want it, but I convinced him a little paint would revive it, and even he agrees it's adorable. Baby steps...)

Nat King Cole's album is one of my favorites.

Again with the wires, but lining the windows of our living room with multicolored lights made such a happy difference. "Feliz Navidad" was on the record player when I took this picture...

I'm already dreaming about next year's tree and theme as I put my decorations away in my tiny closet. 2018's Christmas is going to be awesome!

Until next time!




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