Spring Break in Wells, NY

Hey all!

I'm sharing where Ram and I stayed for our spring break: this AMAZING Airbnb in Wells, NY. Initially we searched locations with warmer weather, but even two months in advance, all of our desired destinations were booked solid! So a quiet cabin retreat was next on our list, and this one ticked all the boxes!

First of all, it's beautiful. Check out the listing, and believe me when I tell you it's even more stunning in person than in the pictures. Plus, the host has thought of every necessity, so you want for nothing. We stayed a week, but I could see myself spending a whole summer here!

I know I'm gushing, but if our wintry spring visit was this fantastic, I can only imagine what it's like when the season is much warmer and the lake isn't frozen. Even though we stayed inside the entire week, there are myriad activities to do in either season. There's even a sauna on the property. Basically, we can't wait to come back!

Charley Lake trying very hard to melt and welcome spring.
There's an indoor fireplace and plenty of wood. Lighting a fire everyday gave us all the cozy feels.

And if you're always cold like me...you'll find yourself perched right next to the fireplace!
There was wifi, and Netflix...but we found time to sit and work on this puzzle.

Our favorite thing to do here? Cook! It was so awesome having a grill at home. Here's the first meal we had here: yummy grilled chicken wings and legs!

My delicious pastelon for Easter! My mouth is watering again...
Turtleneck Sweater (very old)- Old Navy
Mossimo Jeans- Target
A New Day Slips ons- Target

I already miss this loft bedroom.

I hope your break/ holiday was as fun as mine.

Until next time!



(In case you missed the Airbnb link, here it is again: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/6059391 )


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