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Today was such a nice day that I had Ram finally shoot me in these Sam Edelman flats he abhors, but which I think are so freaking cool. As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to have them, so I patiently waited for a sale, and the free shipping sealed the deal! I can't wait to wear them more this spring and summer.

I wouldn't say I'm very superstitious ("I'm a little -stitious"--Office reference), but growing up Hispanic, it was hard not to adopt some weird habits.

Trying not to get my feet swept by accident to avoid never getting married was one superstition I consciously avoided to no avail (despite many a broom grazing these feet, I am happily married by the way). I remember my grandma placing a glass of water behind the door to absorb bad spirits and then flushing it down the toilet or flinging it out the window once it had done its job. One of my aunts hung garlic on her door to ward off evil. Garlic! (You know, what vampires are scared of?)

I also can't forget that every child was adorned with a type of amulet (a black hand and red beads in bracelet form) to protect against "el mal de ojo," or the evil eye, because haters be hatin', and you needed to protect yourself.

Most cultures have some version of "el mal de ojo," and I'm fascinated that it's a superstition shared universally. And you know what? Sometimes, when I'm feeling a little vulnerable, I'll revert to wearing my red bracelets and evil eye beads and pins, and now, my evil eye shoes! Hey, you can never have enough protection, right?

Wish my shoes could protect me from this chill. Yes, I am jacket-less, and yes, that is snow on the ground.

Glasses- Bonlook
Trench Coat- A New Day for Target
Pants- Old Navy
Shoes- Sam Edelman
Bag- Kate Spade
Until next time!



PS: If you haven't already noticed, I changed my blog name to "Cordially, Bianca." I still totally feel fantastical, but signing off after every post with a "cordially" seems more me, so I am sticking to it!


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