The One About Blogging (We binged Friends last month...)

I've been spending a lot of money a lot. 

I've spent money on my home, on clothes, on shoes and more jackets, and pairs of glasses I don't need...I've been going out to eat more than I stay home and cook... It's been...excessive to say the least, and I hope you can tell by my use of ellipses that I'm feeling pretty guilty about it. 

You see, my husband and I have a plan. We're ~planners~. Or, at least, he is, and I strive to be as prudent as him. It's silly to spend frequently on wants rather than needs. When we discussed this on one of our walks, I tried justifying all the spending by saying it was all for future posts on my blog! 

"You have to spend money to make money!" Right?

I mean, let's be honest, that's how this blogging thing works for a couple of years until sponsors (or whomever) notice that people started caring about my existence, which they haven't yet, by the way. (I'm still just talking to the vast internet, hearing only the echoes of my feeble attempts at posts resonating in the distance.)

You need to take perfect pictures (with, ideally, an expensive camera), and you need to wear new things in every post. Sure, you can repeat certain items but always with something new! "This Chanel brooch totally changed up my red beret, OMG!"

And that's cool. I might be that girl one day who the new blogger admires, but whose posts aren't nearly as curated and trendy yet. My Insta isn't colorful or consistent for that matter, and the only people who follow me are family members, ex-coworkers or classmates, and randos I don't even know (all 30 of them!).

By the way, this post isn't meant to be self-deprecating. I certainly don't want to be that blogger, but I can't help thinking about something mental health blogger, Melanie Santos, said in one of her Insta-stories a few weeks ago, and I'm loosely paraphrasing, but it was something like: I won't create posts just to post something.

And I thought, "Well, damn." I don't want to do that either. I love blogs that do just that, but they did all their grunt work already. They earned that right, and realistically, that is their job now. Until I get there, I guess I should stick to posting about what I'm really passionate about like my home, and my husband and family, random outings, and occasionally an outfit I was really proud of.

I'll stick to talking frankly about my blogging insecurities or just life and insecurities in general, because I realized the reason my favorite bloggers are my favorite is because they do just that. Look at Keiko Lynn. There isn't a blog post she writes that I don't love. Jasmin of Vintage Vandalizm speaks frequently about the personal and external challenges she faced in the blogging world. Christina of Trop Rouge gets real on the daily, and Kim who consistently wrote about her IVF journey until pregnancy and who loves Chili's as much as I do is so open with her followers. I love that.

Blogging isn't wholly superficial, and I need to remember that the next time I feel pressured to buy new things just to blog about it. It's like Mel said: once I start doing that, I don't think I'll enjoy blogging.

And this is for me, so I ought to enjoy it right?

So here's me on my way to and at the American Museum of Natural History this Sunday, wearing clothes I've had for years. Absolutely nothing is new, and that's okay.

Earrings- Bauble for Target (Paid $4 for them!)
Portrait Sweater- Choies (ages ago)
Jeans- Mossimo for Target
Shoes- Vans (a classic)
Bucket Bag- H&M (again, from years ago)
Glasses- Bonlook

The butterflies eluded me. (insert frown-y face here)

The Senses exhibit isn't the only optical illusion in this photo...

Until next time.




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